Summer Air

Fashion Challenge: Garage Band Indie Concert in....Hello the Mind Control's lead singer's garage and backyard. The weather? Hottest day of the year, debatedly. 110 peace of cake. So what's a girl to wear when she wants to impress cute musicians and super Indie stylish girls and not sweat to death?

Well, for living in one of the hottest places, and a general summer philosophy remains the same: pick very light things which have a lot of interesting details. Editing. Having one special quirky piece.

What I've observed is that guys and girls at garage band concerts can't go wrong with a vest or a scarf. I was going to wear jeans but it was just a little to much.

My result, Success. :)

I still sweated a lot, but I enjoyed all the great bands that played crazy songs about Brushing your teeth, rainbows, and the Summer Air. :)

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  1. Great casual outfit! That vest is amazing, I love it!