Tourist Chic Part II

Here I am at Schonbrunn Palace, the Austrian Emperors' summer cottage, and i threw on my sweater early that day to find that it was actually hotter than I expected, so my sweater's debut sadly was cut short, but it did enjoy going to see all the pretty statues and the palace with over 2000 rooms with me. This is also in Vienna.

This day we were in the streets by a huge Gothic Chapel and because almost every Austrian speaks English so our group started talking to this one guy who was standing in the street in a unusual gettup with flyers. He was a music student from a Spanish country, maybe Spain, and he was telling people who looked like they were American or not. And then I showed up and he said, in his Spanish accent,

"You are not American."

Humored, I replied, "I'm not?" and he asked, "No, what are you?"

I explained how I was with these people but that I have Dutch heritage of some sorts. And he says, "Dutch? Ohhhh, like Polish! Right!"

My heart smiled. I felt like I accomplished not looking like the conventional touring American: jeans and t-shirt, straight hair, etc... And it also reinforced this feeling that kept crossing my mind that I felt like I am very much like a European in more ways than one.


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