Geekin Experimentation

Slight social experimentation: Does wearing glasses attract or detract attention to you? And how do people react when you look a bit dorkier? And does it change an individual's attitude of him or herself?

So confession: I don't actually wear glasses, I bought these at Wet Seal because it amused me that geek chic was trying to be so big, and I also heard a rumor that teachers biasely like you if you look smarter, so why not give it a try?

Well, here's my observations:
Less boys even acknowledged my presence today. Probably by 80%, haha. Less people noticed me in general. I kind of enjoyed the sense of feeling pretty invisible on campus. However, a few dorkier guys (who also were wearing glasses) made eye contact with me instead of looking down at the ground. People I know very well totally did not recognise me on campus today, it made me laugh.
However, I got positive responses during class. Not only did I feel smarter and more effective in my classes, but my teachers responded to me and gave me more attention.

And here's the irony: I took my glasses off during lunch and started studying and a random guy came to talk to me.

After lunch, put them back on, and older adults would have active conversations with me. Inside I felt kind of lesser because I looked "dorkier" but at the same time my confidence in my studying skyrocketed off the charts. I also kind of had the mentality that I had a mask on.

In conclusion, wear glasses if you want your academic support pay attention to you, and ditch them if you want casual peer attention.

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