Music Playlist Challenge: "Consider Me Gone" by Reba

To begin, I decided to choose "Consider Me Gone" by Reba first. I will admit that I cringed at this song when I saw it because I am not in any ounce a slow modern country kind of girl. I'm just barely learning how to tolerate and maybe like some country music.

So here's what I got out of it:

Allow me to explain the reasoning on how I selected clothes in accordance with the song:

  • My old cowboy boots were certainly appropriate for this genre.
  • I put a blue shirt on because the mood of the song is heart broken, sad, therefore blue being the appropriate color to express the mood. 
  • Reba is a bit twangy and I felt that brown was a appropriate color to coordinate with the blue-ness of the song. 
  • However, she does have a point in the song where she sounds a bit more optimistic where she throws in a hint of personality and determination to be happy regardless of a breakup with the line, "Consider me a smile in an old photograph someone who used to make you laugh." The scarf I am wearing is nostalgic in a way, my mother wore it in the 70s, which I imagine as a sunnier, golden time. 

Well, I had to go to campus for the day so later on I threw on some aviators and my new favorite jacket and laughed, because I felt like I made this outfit wayyy too Indie for Reba, but that was my honest effort to try to interpret her outfit. I guess you can't ever really escape your own taste. Hit next on the playlist then. :P

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  1. Good job- way out of your comfort zone- love it!