Music playlist Challenge: "Video Killed the Radio Star" - The Buggles

Well, my inspiration was very straightforward this time around. I just pulled out my favorite parts of New Wave Eighties....and I indeed had a yellow shirt like the band. :P

Had some fun with filters too - this is me getting all eighties on you, which does not happen much at all.

Primarily because I am mixed emotions about that decade with fashion (as opposed to the 70s or the 20s haha).

But it was fun trying it today, a lot of guys responded to this outfit. One guyfriend of mine didn't recognize me. Two said they totally loved the whole outfit. And those two plus two more guys said they really liked the tie.

Yeah, I would be one stylish man if I was one is what we can conclude. 

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  1. super creative- and way out of your shell- good job!