Music Playlist Challenge: "Uprising" - Muse

Hmmm, well. I definitely thought this picture would look more rocker, but the shot makes me want to "throw up in my hands." (Sarcasm.)

I was going for emo face and I ended up looking like crying....and let's not talk about what in the world my legs are doing. Oh well.

Moving on - inspiration for this one was pretty straightforward: glam heavy rock. I freaking love Muse so I felt more than happy to dress up for this song.

And guess what bloggers, that leaves us with one...two left! I have tried "Evacuate the Dancefloor "multiple times but can't seem to get a picture out of it, and I tried "Lightning Crashes," so I have fulfilled the 30 day limit but I am doing redoes. So sorry but it's coming!

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