Inverted Music Playlist Challenge - "Billie Jean" Michael Jackson Tribute

Well, something about me and the eighties doesn't quite click together all the time. Except I discovered how much more comfortable my skinny jeans are versus my boot cut jeans.

But one thing is for sure. I cannot deny how awesome Michael Jackson's music is. So when I gave this song to my sister, I thought that I would eventually want to do a Michael Jackson song.

So I got pretty picky with the details:

1. I sort of copied the same color palette as my sister, because she was very much right about how he wears a lot of guess what? Black, white, and red.

2. I know the specific song was Billie Jean, but I couldn't resist but do a subtle tribute to my personal favorite "The Way You Make Me Feel" where MJ sings the line "Hey pretty baby with the high heels on, you give me fever like I never ever known". Not to mention those killer red heels that the girl in the "Thriller" music video wore? I rest my case. :)

3. Eighties trends: skinny jeans, vests, big white t-shirts. The king of pop in the eighties, so everything popular in the eighties.

4. My shirt says "je vous aime, oui je faire", or translated "I love you, yes I do". MJ was a international success. I was actually in Austria the day he died. Through the thick German language I could hear them all say "Michael Jackson" very clearly. So maybe the French may be irrelevant, maybe it isn't. You decide.

5. Michael did his hair long and curly, so I guess we match in the beauty department almost. I also did a subtler version of the 80s makeup with blue eyeshadow and pink lipstain.

So yeah, this is it. haha

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