On Acquiring My Style

I didn't always like clothes or fashion or getting dressed.

When I was little, I was the epitome of a Tomboy. I only played with boys. I played legos, video games, and outdoorsy games with only boys. I gagged at the sight of barbie after age four. I went out every single day wearing a baggy usually not-pink shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. Hated dresses, skirts, getting my hair all done, and doing anything that took longer than five to ten minutes to get ready. Every morning my mom mastered the art of making a very chic braided ponytail which I wore every single day until I was 12.

Me when I was 8.

When I turned twelve, the only thing that changed was that I tied my own hair back, or occasionally let it down. Come pre-teens until about age 15 I was to put it straight simple, tacky, and awkward. I didn't really care for fashion still, and didn't get a bonafide styling haircut until fourteen. But even then it was not what was hip at the time.

To put it simply: I was frumpy. My mother tried so hard, but the individual being worked on has to care for it to work.

So what changed me?

I'm going to go with a straight shot and say summer nights hanging with my sister (I Get Dressed) and watching What Not to Wear with her on lazy summer nights many years ago.

I am very greatful I fell upon this show because they helped me realize that not only was I frumpy, but that dressing good meant taking care of yourself so it doesn't disable yourself from the rest of your life and to show off and flaunt your positive features, and maybe camo those things that you don't like so much. Basically they taught me how to have an eye for fit, which if you have nothing else, fit will get you everywhere.

Well, once I started caring, I got a lot more positive attention from friends, and as I have taken better care of myself I have gained self-esteem and confidence. So I found incentive to get dressed more.

I guess you can say I am compensating for lost time. I feel more obligated to look good now because I just didn't care for a long time. And frankly I don't think I can go back.

This last year I was at Forever 21 with a few fashionable (straight) guy friends (I was weirded out to say the least that they wanted to go in), and as we went in and walked around, one of these friends who has impeccable vintage taste and dresses better than any straight or gay guy I know said, "Hey let's make a pact." And the other guys looked at him a bit confused. "Yes, let's make a pact to look and dress good when we get old." and we all put our hands in a circle a bit reluctantly and agreed. So I guess me actually making an effort is not going anywhere, haha.

Well, let's go back a few years. Once I got comfortable and felt like I had a good wardrobe, I grew restless. Curious. Thinking something was kind of missing. And I realized, I knew how to get dressed now, but I hadn't developed my own take and taste on things...a individual style.

Bum bum BUM!

To be continued..... Keep stylin!

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