Style Archetypes and Where In the World I Fit

Well, after I had found a niche for editing my wardrobe, I realised at I had edited so much, I was incredibly boring. I rebelled against my peers in a way because I just wanted to go super super classic. But I knew inside that I was not a super super classic type of person. So this year became a year of self-defining, not only by how I presented myself but also what can I person I wanted to be.

Well, I got very creative. I used fashion as a social experiment, but I wouldn't say I didn't settle on something yet.

And then one day, somewhere somehow someway, I decided what my style "archetype" is, and to be honest it has alter egos, so here they are:

  1. Indie Rocker
  2. Vintage feminine
  3. Dark Romantic
  4. Quirky Prep/Classic

Tell me what you think, it seems pretty accurate to me.

The Blonde. A Music-Inspired fashion blogger, creative agency mad"wo"-man, pianist, violinist, guitarist, shower singer and a nerdist.

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