Sorry it's so soon but...

This will be my last picture while I take a two three week break so I can pass my finals. You wouldn't want to see anything anyway because I am just going to dress for comfort and neglect my appearance for a while.

I haven't had quite the self esteem I had before to take pictures, I don't think there's been a major change in the images, but I just don't feel good.

I sometimes feel discouraged with pictures because I just feel fat lately, even though I look at pictures and don't see a significant change.

I gained about five pounds, and with quick retaliation lost them two weeks later, but it's affected my pysche, and taking pictures doesn't seem to help.

I also need a haircut and need to talk to my dermatologist, all which are things I can't worry about until finals are over, so I think I am just going to cut off any form of vanity- ie the blog - for two weeks, then I should come snapping back in better shape and with a fresh outlook on life.

Ah heck, let's call it a Spring Makeover, because that is definately what it'll be.

So ciao until then my dear readers!

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  1. You still def look great- even if you don't feel it! Plus we'll be happy to have you around again and this time you'll have a photog! :)