Summer 2010 Wardrobe Makeover/Style Makeover Goals

Ok, I just finished finals and the school year at college. So now, guess what, SUMMER VACATION. Which will be happy news for you readers because that means I will be much more involved with my blog again. And with active blogging comes another glorious beautiful thing. Summer is essentially the time of year where I prepare to reinvent my look....aka a MAKEOVER. So here is the goals that I plan to go through this summer:
  1. CLEAN OUT! Geez it's a nightmare in the closet, but this is always a good time to clean up and out. This includes the following: shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes, tights, socks, underwear, and jewelry.
  2. Repair: Favorites things get a little too loved by me. Fix the following: slit in back of black pencil skirt (yeah, the slit currently stops right below my butt), buttons on favorite vintage vest, put new button on black overcoat, fill the seam of my bootcut jeans' inner thigh, hem other pair of jeans
  3. Organize: so I can find lost or forgotten things
  4. Take Mental Inventory: it's nice to know what I got so I can work with those lost and forgotten things, and also think about what I should look for when I go shopping.
  5. Take Rejects/CleanedOut-Clothes to my Favorite Second-hand Store: That would be Buffalo Exchange. :)
  6. Take Second-Hand store rejects to Thrift Store: They can't reject them there haha.
And possibly most people's personal favorite....
7. SHOP! :)
Of course, with guidelines because it turns mindless wandering in stores into deep sea treasure hunts, adventures, quest...thing.
So here's what I'll be scouting out:

  • White Pumps: the itching came on over a year ago...but when I saw Jean Seberg in French New Wave movie Breathless I just fell head over heels for the white pumps she wore with her amazing striped dres..haha, heels, that's funny.

  • White-ish flats: hmm, pattern here? Well, I walk a lot, might as well be cute shoes I will be walking in
  • Flats, Flats, Flats. After the white heels, I don't need heels, I am good thank you.
  • Gloves: White gloves, bright colored gloves, nice gloves to wear with my trench coat so I can look nice for cold winter days, and to channel that old fashioned etiquette
  • Dark Red, Dark Green, and Dark Purple tights. Maybe another pair of black and navy blue. And a replacement for my favorite textured tights. This time I am going to focus on more quality and less quantity. Or maybe just spend a bit more.
  • White/Off-White/Cream Flared skirt: I've wanted this for a year too.
  • New Aviator glasses: they busted :'(
  • black skinny pants
  • And anything vintage and unique that I gotta have :P

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  1. You should try We Love Colors for tights...they're the best! I just invested in three pairs and I'm so happy. They are really great quality and literally come in every color you could think of.