Back Home! :)

See that change of scenery ladies and gent- ladies? Yes, I am back home from school! I couldn't get back in the groove even after the last post where I promised to post again, but nothing like a new haircut, and appointment to the dermatologist, a few new vintage clothes (wow, that's an oxymoron), and the use of dad's fancy camera can seem to bring back the confidence in me. I don't feel fugly anymore, yesssss...

So this will benefit you guys too in the aspect that I am going to try to post again.

Ciao, my lovelies :)

The Blonde. A Music-Inspired fashion blogger, creative agency mad"wo"-man, pianist, violinist, guitarist, shower singer and a nerdist.

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  1. LOVE IT! Welcome back home, back to your groove, and back to a wonderful world of shopping!