Interview Outfit

Well, I have to apologize. I promised I would make an effort again when I got home. However there were many factors to put into consideration that un-motivated me:

1. I got a job at Subway, and was wearing a black polo and cargo shorts on a whim almost every day. Yeah, jobs requiring specific uniforms kind of destroy fashion as a creative outlet. Not to mention my hair was pulled back and I would get sweaty after work, so I just didn't want to take any pictures.
2. My old lap top's battery charger died, and because it was so special it couldn't be replaced. And using my camera meant getting a special plug in device because its old one is busted as well. So busted technology doesn't help either.
3. I'm on summer vacation, it's 100 degrees or more outside and I frankly don't really care what I look like!

But, a sudden turn of events has motivated me to take care of my look and blog again:

1. I got laid off from Subway, bummer. So that means I am going to have to dress up nice again if I am going to go job hunting. But on the other hand, I have saved enough money that I am ok if I don't get a job, so I can spend time refining the other things in life that need it.

2. I have immensely scored at my favorite store, Buffalo Exchange, this summer. I seriously find exactly what I picture in my head there sometimes, and then even some. :P

3. I found a SD card insert in my new computer! That means that I put pictures on my lap top! :)

4. I'm visiting the dermatologist and my face is clearing up, I'm working out and looking (and feeling) lots better.

So there you go. Here was from a month ago when I had an interview for Anthropologie and American Eagle. They didn't work out, but maybe next time for Anthro, that's a bloggers' dream retail job, right? :P

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