2011 Fashion Resolutions

  • Buy pretty/supportive/enhancing underwear: I've lost twenty pounds, everything is too big, so I figured I could start with getting nice fundamentals because undergarments can either make or break an outfit right? Not to mention most of what I wear underneath has tons of shredding and parts falling apart and it's ridiculous. I would also like to get slips/shapewear that make pencil skirts and knits look smoother and cleaner.
  • Clean Out Everything That Isn't Getting Worn and Donate
  • Utilize Jewelry and Accessories More to Enhance Outfits: I tend to just go without when it comes to these things, but I would like to try more pearls and stuff to mix it up. And I am on the lookout for a statement necklace.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Look Like I Could Hop on Stage and Sing a Ballad or Create a Sweet Low-Budget Music Video: by that I mean not to shy away from bolder fabrics like metallics and daring prints.

  • Create Five to Seven Knock-Em-Dead Interview outfits: I start the year off by applying for a new job, followed by applying for jobs over the summer when I come back home, and for internships throughout the year, and eventually for my major in addition to a business study abroad. It's going to be a year of interviews so it's time to prepare for it
  • Shake up the hair routine by updating my Bedhead look
  • Try one new beauty look every month
  • Try one new hair-do look every other month
  • Amp up my Winter Wardrobe: I say this because I have a very awesome Fall wardrobe, and my Spring and Summer is not too shabby either. But my winter section is pretty weak seeing as I haven't lived in the freaking freezing cold until a year ago so my wardrobe is very basic. And my room mate made a joke about my puffer jacket and how it "doesn't suit me at all" and she "kind of laughed hte first time I wore it" (for those who don't know, it looks like something Paris Hilton might sport)

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