Music Playlist Challenge: "Pictures of You" - The Last Goodnight

And here's my second one, folks. "Pictures of You" by The Last Goodnight. I will have to admit I got inspired from the Music Video mostly. The main singer is wearing a button up with a black vest in the video, and I really was into the clean lines. Then his guitarist was wearing a utilitarian-esque jacket so I threw on my sweater over to do a combination of the two artists.
As for the beauty part I straightened my hair for the first time in forever! I got inspired from the sharp angular soft-punk appearance of the band. I went with blue eyeliner and blue-gray tones because the song has sad tones to it and sad lyrics "confess to me, every secret moment, every stolen promise you believe....All the lies between of you, pictures of me, reminds us all of what we could've been".

Do to the fact that the song is about photography and looking back, I was more particular with my pictures this time around too.

So there you go.
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