Music Playlist Challenge: "Tug of War" - Catherine Papworth

So a Preface to this song:

I Get Dressed and I have a friend who is a local celebrity. She is up and coming and everybody I talk to who is honest in their critic and possess very different tastes in music agree that she is incredibly talented and her music is really good, so I would encourage you to check it out, she's a indie-soul singer with a great set of pipes and a awesome acoustic sound, so check out Catherine Papworth and her music HERE.

Well, after listening to the song I thought it called for a indie-musician girly look. Which came very naturally may I say, very happy to do it. Well, I got inspired also from Catherine Papworth's EP release party where she wore her hair on one said braided back and the other down and wavy, so I did a more casual asymmetric imitation of it. I also tried out green eyeliner and rose lipstain, but it's kind of hard to see.

Yep, really enjoyed this one.


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