Makeover Part I

Dear fashion blogger world, I am back!

I finished the school semester strong, academically speaking, so now I'm working on getting back into my fashion mojo. After moving out of my apartment I realized that it was serious time to cut back and reduce. Then I came home and looked in my closet and thought, "If I didn't need this at college, then it better go!"

And here's what the grand result was.I've never been so comfortable or so proud to show off my organized closet. And heck, there's more room for more stuff in it too!

Here's the DI bags, I had an additional four back at college totaling it to... 8 garbage bags worth! Phew, that feels really good!

I'm very happy with my wardrobe at this point. After handwashing a bajillion clothes and running them through the washer and dryer I realized that I had a lot of great pieces to go off of. I have a lot of great things to go off of, so hopefully it will help me be more creative.

I also got to analyze what's missing in it. It hit me pretty hard what it was:


Earrings, Necklaces, and Shoes particularly. I want to update those because I think they'll be the easiest way to update my wardrobe, and a lot of things are worn out in that department.

Anywho, so shopping is going to be a project makeover this summer. But part II is the hair, which I will be making over tomorrow!

So here in summary what all is going to get an overhaul in the following weeks:

  • My hair
  • My makeup bag and beauty routine
  • The Blog, yes, Overtures and Organza
  • My fashion "resolutions", goals
  • My wishlist

Hang tight!

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