Makeover Part II

Alright, next on the makeover process was hair.

As tradition, when I come home I get rid of all the damage that finals inflicted on my poor hair (which I guess wasn't much since I didn't do anything to it, hah.)

Here's the before:

And, drumroll please....

The After!!!

Much lighter for the summer. I didn't realize how short my bangs looked but I'd rather have them grow in to their look then too long for it. But yes, I'm incredibly happy with the results.

Soo...what's left?
  • My makeup bag and beauty routine
  • The Blog, Overtures and Organza
  • My fashion "resolutions", goals
  • My wishlist
Yep, there's more to go!

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1 comment:

  1. very cute cut. it looks so light and airy now!
    change is good.