Academic Interview

I had an interview with the marketing study abroad professor this day, and since it wasn't a job and I had been doing loads of interviews, I got burned out with my standard interview uniform. I decided to go more creative since a marketing teacher probably would appreciate it more anyway.
So I swapped out the blue button up for a very light pink one, with a blue cardigan. And I swapped out the black pencil skirt for the gray one. And slightly trendier accessories, but still the solid neutral colors.

I was very happy with the results because I decided that it was time to be more creative in the business wardrobe department. And the interview went great, we will see if I'll be going afar with my business outfits this summer. :)

Gray Pencil Skirt, Goodwill $4
Pink Button-Up Top, Buffalo Exchange (originally Banana Republic) $12
Cardigan, H&M $7
Heels, Target  $14
Fake Pearl Studs, Forever 21 $1
(Yes the outfit was all under approximately forty dollars!)

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  1. Love it! Way to mix it up, and good luck getting in!