Rainy Day

I was glad to be a communications student this day: I perpetually have an old Newspaper on hand that can always double as an umbrella.
 I decided to experiment with more cuts and lines I just stopped doing a year or two ago. I've become stuck in a "high waist" or belted look for quite a while, so I tried a lower 20's esque line to see how it went.

I was happy with the risk and I felt more artistic, but it's not as figure loving as other lines. if this blouse didn't taper at the waist as seen below I think this would've just been too tacky.

 I also tried a black-mixed-with-dark-green eyeliner, it's hard to see the effect here though.
Blouse, Anthropologie $10 (or $20, can't remember)
Skirt, Buffalo Exchange - appx. $15
Shoes, Vans $20
Green  "Emerald" earrings, Buffalo Exchange - $8

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