Wear Whatever Makes you Happy

Yep, still raining. I also saw snow falling, which was not cool for early October, but the occasion called for two sweaters and a scarf.

Took another fashion risk with this one, at least it was a risk for myself:

I was way too concerned with dressing up in a manner that would impress men, and I read  some magazine somewhere about how a turtleneck did not help your cause. So I decided I was going to do whatever I felt like lately, and it's made me much happier. So I wore anything and everything that did hid my neck and upper torso: scarf, turtleneck. Just cause I wanted to try a new look with it.

A lot of style I've learned over the years is just wearing what makes you happy and forgetting what any nay-sayers may say. And in the end, what makes you happy and is your style is what is most attractive. 

I almost wore a pencil skirt with this, which would have totally changed the dynamic from kind-of casual to dressed-up and maybe more camera-friendly, but I wanted comfort today too so I opted for jeans.

Jeans, Anchor Blue, $30
Green Turtleneck, H&M $8
Gray bat-wing sweater, Buffalo Exchange maybe $15
Scarf, Deseret Industries $2
Bracelet, Icing $2
White Loafers, Last Chance $30

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  1. Did I mention how cool it is to have you back? I'm LOVING seeing what you put together!