Workout Wardrobe

This is what I've been wearing when you don't see posts (or when you do)...yep, been training for my second half-marathon and my running clothes have become a strangely valuable asset to my wardrobe.

Although this wasn't cute workout clothes (function is very important when you do 13.1 miles), I would love to emphasize the importance of investing a little bit more than baggy t-shirts and sweatpants into your looks when you workout. Why?

  1. Buying clothes you like the look of make you want to find occasions to wear them - therefore, if you are a style junkie like me at all, sometimes it's fun to throw together clothes for your healthy lifestyle.
  2. Fitness magazine stated that if you wear more attractive, fitting clothes when you work out you will work harder during it.
  3. Although it feels intimidating at first to wear stretchy fabrics that hug, well, everything, it gives me a higher sense of confidence when I can see the results during my fitness goals.
  4. You're all fashion conscious (why would you be reading my blog otherwise?), wear something that promotes a healthy, more confident lifestyle, but don't go the other way where damage your body by abusing it.
IN SUMMARY: invest in your workout wardrobe a little, it deserves the same attention because it will enhance your dressy clothes.

It's made me come a long way, literally.

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