Music Playlist Challenge: "Heartbeat" - The Fray

This time I did "Heartbeat" by The Fray. I noticed in their music video they had a lot of browns, reds, and mixed colors. I'm not entirely happy with the result I got from this outfit, I was hoping to put on a funky sweater with it that would go with the theme but alas I didn't have exactly what I was looking for. I noticed it was a very chill Cali- Hipster kind of vibe with the chicks in the video so I followed suite.

Another one I had a hard time with, I don't feel on the top of my game with this challenge this time but there's still time to turn it around.

Oxfords - Maurices
Necklace, Buffalo Exchange
Leather Jacket, Gifted Buffalo Exchange
Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft
Blouse, Anthropologie
Tights, I don't remember

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