Life Through a New Lens

Well, I would like to announce one slight improvement (that if you haven't noticed already you will from now on!) to the blog.

Thanks to the wonderful Black Friday, the generosity of my parents, the mutual agreement that it would be my combined Christmas and Birthday present, I got a new camera! A very nice one too. I also got a wonderful tripod to go with it. I have to say, it's incredible and so much easier to take good pictures. If nothing else, get a tripod to improve your outfit taking experience.  

Got loads of compliments on this outfit today, I liked it a lot, it felt a lot less stuffy compared to what I had been wearing most of the week. I got a new job in marketing, and though there's lots more room for creativity in dress than the Law School job, I tend to gravitate towards the classic business-y look. I have a goal to make my business wardrobe much more creative this year.

Skirt, Anthropologie
Top, Buffalo Exchange
Camisole, Downeast Basics
Earrings, Icing
Belt, gifted
Shoes, Last Chance

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  1. Yep, HUGE difference! I can't believe how professional and official the blog looks already. I'm so inspired- we're buying a DSLR!