Music Playlist Challenge: "Moonlight Sonata" - Beethoven

I had to finish the music playlist challenge with a bang, and being a major fan of classical music I chose to finish with Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," which I would argue it is one of the most romantic songs ever written (ha, Beethoven ushered in the Romantic era of music if I believe).

Anyway, my goal was to go something romantic and something that painted imagery of the night sky since the Moonlight part. So I chose a palette of Grays, blues, blacks, and silver to represent the various colors a night sky can carry and things included in a night scene: textured leaf tights to show the silhouette of trees under the moon at night, a herringbone pencil skirt that looks like stars in the night sky, a black velvetty scarf for the darkest part of the night, and a blue for the various shades of blue from dusk to dawn.

This has been one of my most favorite outfits I have produced this year because I believe it fulfills the goal of my style blog and desire in taste: to creatively create outfits inspired by music and display a sense of art in each outfit.

 I felt like I really drew out everything Beethoven gave in his song to create a outfit that was creative and different from my typical selection but came out with a really attractive, end result.

I sweated over most of the details too. I wish I would've done my hair but I simply didn't have time this morning. I went for shimmery, silvery details that reminded me of the night sky with the stars and the moon so I opted silver accent jewelry and shimmery nails. I wanted more than anything to wear my starry earrings and the silver buckle on my belt has constantly reminded me of a crescent moon so it had to come too. I went with the night theme for makeup so I chose grey smokey eyes which is typically a more evening makeup look for me.

Well, that's it folks for the third-annual music challenge! Stay tuned for the recap it's coming up shortly!

Skirt, Vintage
Tights, Kohls
Blue blouse, Gifted/Vintage
Sweater Cape, Buffalo Exchange
Scarf-Tie, Handmade
Belt, Vintage
Shoes, Last Chance
Bracelet and Earrings, Icing

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