Music Playlist Challenge pt 2: "Deer in the Headlights" by Owl City

Next up is Owl City's "Deer in the Headlights," I chose this one originally because I was madly in love last summer with his new album, "All Things Bright and Beautiful." I knew I wanted to do one of the songs on it, so I chose the one that was the most mainstream and probably more enjoyable for my sister and an audience. I chose an Owl City song because he had a very techno, romantic type of music that has a very unique, creative style that seems to be calling in desperation to have some outfits done after it. So this outfit was a fit: I wanted a romantic theme with neon colors like the scene in the music video where he's traveling through some space-void on the road.

Cool story: this dress is vintage, 50s, it was going to be for my friend's wedding, and it didn't fit at all: too big in the chest (what else is new?) and crazy in the middle, and it was much longer too. Well, my mom made magic with this old school dress and produced something that fits a million times better and gets me loads of compliments. Vintage dresses are awesome when your tailoring mother makes them look more modern.

Dress, vintage
Belt, vintage
Necklace, Icing
Tights, Kohls
Flats, Vans

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