Music Playlist Challenge: "Pumped up Kicks" - Foster the People

For "Pumped Up Kicks" I decided to go by the ironic tone of the music and the underlying sadistic nature of the lyrics. The song is about kids shooting people, parents, etc... the line "run better run faster than my bullet" so I decided to go with gangster movie star cop out shooting people on the streets kind of look with the leather jacket and hat, but I knew Foster the People became big because of the hipster community so I went for a more urban hipster look. Since most people find the song catchy and "reminiscent" of the Beach Boys with its sound, I threw in a light pastel color to contrast the dark feel of the rest of the outfit. Annnd I may have decided to try to make cool NCIS poses.

Shirt, Buffalo Exchange (BR originally?)
Jacket, Forever 21
Hat, H&M
Glasses, Buffalo Exchange
Pants, Macy's (American Rag)
Boots, Last Chance
Necklace, Buffalo Exchange

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