The Monday Mix: Signature Pieces - Black Textured Skirt

I am looking at some of my old outfits and realizing what pieces have been tried-and-true, genuinely versatile pieces. I thought I might start sharing with you the different ways I've worn these staples, because one of my biggest requirements when it comes to picking out an article of clothing is imagining at least three or four outfits with it.

I'm kind of at a point where I feel "stumped" and just want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. But instead  I'm going to look back and see how I can mix up new clothes.

I'm really debating starting the blog-famous "30 for 30" challenge, but until then, enjoy some of the chameleons.

Let me start with possibly my most favorite.

Once upon a time I saw a black skirt with floral texture and I knew I wanted it. Well, that feeling stuck for three plus years until I found this absolutely perfect one at Buffalo Exchange. I looked with frustration for so long, thinking, if I could find a flared black skirt with some interesting details it would not only last me a long time, but it would also be more interesting along the way. Well, it has been worth its wait!

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