Floating Markets of Thailand

Meet my prized jewel from my adventures abroad. This necklace was handmade in Thailand, I got it shopping at the floating markets, a place where you barter on boats, how fun that was, this thing wasn't necessarily the cheapest thing and I may have not got the best deal for it, but boy did I drive the seller crazy! How fun it is and has definitely become my new favorite statement necklace.

After my travels I felt rejuvenated stylistically speaking.  I missed my blow dryer, I missed my excessive amount of beauty products for my hair and for makeup, I missed a closet full of clothes, and I missed high-maintenance nails, so in this outfit I decided I wanted all of them. And boy how much more confidence that gave me! The little thing make worlds of a different. I'm not afraid to be daring again in my wardrobe. Ironically I went pretty classic here but I've been paranoid of wearing pencil skirts lately so I overcame that irrational fear and felt great!

Everything else is old clothes:

Blouse, Buffalo Exchange
Belt, NY&C
Pencil Skirt, Banana Republic
Shoes, Famous Footwear?

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