30 for 30 Challenge Halfway Mark

Phew, here marks the halfway point to completing the 30 for 30 Style Challenge! I've got to confess, I've been avoiding posting because I didn't have enough time to document all 30 outfits I wore back in August when I declared to do this, so when I was ashamed I went back to my normal wardrobe quietly.

So instead of being ashamed, I'm going to just maybe put the blogging part of this challenge on hiatus and focus on featuring my day-by-day outfits again and appreciating my whole wardrobe. I have learned two major things from this challenge though: (1) it's fantastic when you're moving apartments and living out of a suitcase in between, and (2) pick a few more exciting pieces and not just super versatile classics to make this challenge more interesting for both you and your readers.

So, I have the sixteenth one coming your way soon but that will be it for a while, and I will do a halfway recap for all y'alls. I think we will all realize this was decision for the better.

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