Music Playlist Challenge: "Radioactive" - Imagine Dragons

I chose "Radioactive" next, because, well, Imagine Dragons has a very special place in my heart. Ok, well, more than many other bands.

Allow me to explain/brag for a minute:

I saw Imagine Dragons back when they weren't famous. My city hosts a free, first-Friday "Rooftop Concert Series" and Imagine Dragons was the "Big Show" last Fall semester of my junior year of college. I didn't have much of an opinion, except that one of the speakers was blown out so I didn't hear much of the singer's voice(funny story, this was the same show that had the YouTube star Lindsey Sterling present, but that's not relevant to this). I can recall finding one song extremely catchy (which is their most famous song now, "It's Time") and thinking that I wasn't too crazy about this band. But you know, it was a great, energetic free show.

Irony!!! Let's fast-forward a year. I hear a song on the radio, a extremely catchy one that sounds familiar. My coworker says, "Oh, that's just Imagine Dragons." Ohhhh really? Then my classmate turns to me in class at the beginning of the semester, knowing we're musical comrades, and says, "By the way, the new Imagine Dragons album is incredible. Buy it." So I did, and I was hooked, and converted over to this band I was skeptical about a year prior. So a few months after that I see Imagine Dragons with a series of other famous bands (Neon Trees, Grouplove, Wombats....) , not free, about thirty-something dollars.  

Case in point: I watched this band become famous. Cool, eh?

Anyway, let's talk about what you're most likely here for: How was I inspired by "Radioactive?"

Well the lines "This is it, the apocalypse," "We're painted red to fit right in," and "Welcome to the new age" came to mind as I chose this outfit. I knew I wanted to dress up in an outfit that looked like I was living in a post-apocalyptic society. My initial reaction was to go grungy and purple (purple = radioactive colors, right?).

But then my imagination went wild. I thought, "What if I was at some glamorous concert or gala when the apocalypse began?" 

Thus I imagined my flowy red skirt that could look like a formal floor-length gown ripped by wear and tear from running through mounds of rocks and wilderness (i.e. running from the apocalypse). Not to mention, it looks like red paint spilling ("we're painted red"). The shredded tights and the fingerless gloves went with this "wear and tear, this is all I have to wear now that it's the end of the world" theme.

The boots, the jacket, and the scarf seem to be signature pieces worn by members of a post-apocalyptic society: tough, practical, and protective right? I imagined myself running home in my evening clothes and quickly throwing on the first things that would help me survive, but I didn't have enough time to completely change. And that's how this outfit came to be. I also made a more conscious effort to make my hair and makeup look all roughed and worn from the apocalypse as well.

And thus this outfit was. I am very happy with the results.

Skirt, Buffalo Exchange (from Anthropologie)
Tights, Kohls
Boots, Last Chance
Button-Up, Banana Republic
Jacket, Buffalo Exchange
Gloves, Last Chance
Scarf, Goodwill

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