Accessory Update

Moving back to the city has been kind to my wardrobe. This outfit consisted of mostly older things that exist in my wardrobe, but I bought the accessories recently that gave them a fresh new look.

I was inspired by Olivia Palermo's chic picture with leopard-print heels that since inspired me to find a pair as well. I got lucky and found these at Buffalo Exchange, which is awesome, because I never find shoes there. Needless to say I am extremely happy with these new (old) shoes I acquired.

And of course, the snap shot prize goes to the random pouty face shot that I didn't notice until it popped up on my computer. Apparently I wasn't happy to be taking pictures or something, haha.

Leopard Print Heels, Buffalo Exchange
Skirt, Buffalo Exchange (originally Anthropologie)
Blouse, Ann Taylor Loft Outlet
Short-Sleeved Blazer, Banana Republic Outlet
Necklace, Buffalo Exchange

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  1. Welcome back to color and texture- good to have you!

    1. Thanks, I knew you'd be pleased. :)