I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22.

I had my birthday this week, and this what I wore on my Golden Birthday (22 on the 22nd). Birthdays are wonderful occasions where you can dress up a little more, and I often find wearing more colors helps burst me into the celebratory mood. Do you find yourself wearing more colors too on your birthday, or is that just a me thing?

Anyway, I scored this dress on sale the night before my birthday, I was on the quest for a perfect shirtdress so bingo! I just didn't plan to buy it in hot-pink because I'm traditionally way too much of a tomboy to consider anything that would be pink and lace, but I liked it more in pink than white, shockingly. Also gave a go at using gold sharpie with teal nails to copy this pin I found on Pinterest, judging by the weird tint the gold produced, I'm thinking my nails fall under one of the nailed it pins

Anyway, I had a great birthday, thank you all for making it wonderful! Have a good one!

Dress, NY&C
Shoes, Last Chance (originally Seychelles)
Belt, NY&C
Necklace, Francesca's 

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