Ted Talks Style and Fashion

Since I've picked a busy-work project at work, I have dedicated some time listening to Ted Talks while I do such spoken work. Here are two excellent clips that inspired me with fashion blogging.

The first one comes from a runway model talking about how having a career in modeling is like winning the lottery: it's simply dependent on having good genetics. The interesting thing about it is though is she talks about how models are more self conscious than other women because they have to worry about their looks everyday. And they are stuck in that career because it's difficult to transition and be anything else.

I guess what I got out of it is that, though I get self conscious about taking pictures of my outfits because of my body, I have the power to be more on the blog than just a pretty picture. I have creative freedom with blogging, and I can remember there's more to me than blogging.

Here's another one I stumbled upon about a blogger who buys everything thrift, and for Ted Talks she didn't bring a single thing to wear for the whole week so she had to buy new clothes. Her fearless sense of trying new things is quite inspiring. So enjoy:

There are other videos that have inspired me creatively and with this blog that I'll visit later.

In the meantime, I hope these videos inspire you too!

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