Thursday Tunes: "Carried Away" - Passion Pit

Let me tell you a little bit more about my music taste.

I am crazy for Passion Pit. I discovered them over two years ago, initially with a good friend mentioning them, and then encountering their first album in 2010. In an extremely difficult period, Passion Pit became my cathartic best friend.

Passion Pit's next album came out last summer, and it took a bit longer for it to grow on me. It followed with this music video on Valentines Day, which sparked some strange form of happiness in my day spent with no significant other. 

I haven't been able to get over this song since. I went to Passion Pit's concert in March, and it did not cure my smitten-ness, in fact, it made it worse. If you just want to be a fan of "Take a Walk," that's ok, but I find with most artists their finer work isn't always their most popular one.

So, please, enjoy "Carried Away." :)

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