The Intern Life

Summer has been quite simple, and quite fantastic. I spend most of my days interning at a cool marketing agency, and as such the dress code is simply business casual. Which, in the marketing world with women, means anything socially acceptable in the office.

This is one thing I positively love about my field: the marketing/ communications world encourages creative self expression. 

It's very wonderful not to be consigned to a uniform. About a year ago after starting to work in my career field, I made a challenge to myself to incorporate eclectic artistry and professionalism into my working wardrobe. I found some inspiration and it's been great. Also, I did my own take of the Ballerina Bun. It was hot and I wanted some relief from this forsaken weather.

Shirt, Banana Republic (on sale)
Skirt, Buffalo Exchange (originally Anthropologie)
Glasses, uh.... Buffalo Exchange?
Shoes, Last Chance (originally Seychelles)

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