Thursday Tunes - "Simple Song" - The Shins

I stumbled across this song upon watching the season finale of "How I Met Your Mother," and I instantly recognized it as The Shins. And I love it.

Simple song makes me feel happy, and hopeful, and optimistic. Especially towards love and relationships.

I am also a big fan of others Shins songs like "Australia," "Baby Boomerang," and their ever famous "New Slang." But this one might get the cake for me. 

There's some remarkable lyrics that just get to me in this song. Lines such as the chorus, "I know that things can really get rough /When you go it alone. Don't go thinking you gotta be tough / And bleed like a stone.Could be there's nothing else in our lives so critical, As this little home."

And other lines in the verses such as,  "I made a fumbling play for your heart, And the act struck a spark" as well as "When I was just nine years old, I swear that I dreamt Your face on a football field." (Eh, catch that Football motif there? :) )

So, please enjoy "Simple Song" by The Shins. Lovely lyrics and a great guitar line. (and kind of bizarre music video, haha)

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