Wingtips of Destiny

So I did a little online window shopping - and then for the first time I purchased something on ModCloth: wingtip flats to replace my old Vans favorites from two years ago.  They were a little above my standard price range but I thought, "Hey, you just landed an awesome job, you get paid tomorrow, get them before they are gone and you regret it!"

Well, I made the purchase, addressed them to my new apartment, and THEN I READ THIS DESCRIPTION:

Creepy, no? Awesome, no? Me and these shoes. These shoes and I. It was meant to be. When these pals arrive at my sweet new pad and if they fit, I predict amazing things will happen in these shoes. Because they are the WINGTIPS of DESTINY.

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  1. Hahaha!!! That is so awesome!! They were made for you! ;)
    Congrats on your new job!!!