Blue Talk and Love

I grew up with Earth, Wind and Fire, and it wasn't until the last few years that I realized that their song "September" specifically says "Do you remember the 21st Night of September? Love was changing the minds of pretenders."

I took that lyric as a sign that I needed to make Earth, Wind and Fire Day happen. For the entire weekend I also had a series of dancing activities line up - country dancing, salsa dancing, folk dancing.

I knew: the Universe wanted me to celebrate Earth, Wind and Fire Day with a little boogie and a lot of dancing in the month of September.

As I got ready for one of these dances, I felt it was time to pull out the thrifted gold sequin blouse I purchase some time ago. I was very nervous at first. Then the thought occured to me, Earth, Wind and Fire would want me to wear this for their holiday. Have you seen their style????

Goodbye second guessing, hello Shining Star! 

Dear September, I will remember all the dancing and the blue talk and love. You have been great to me. Bring on October, and you know what that means... Fall clothes!!!

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