Signature Pieces: Red Toms

You know the saying, "Walk a mile in their shoes?"

As I moved again, organized my shoes, cleaned out my shoes, and organized my shoes again, I couldn't help but think about what incredible stories clothing can have with them.

With the accessibility to online handcrafted and vintage clothes from Etsy to the retooled variety of 50s and 60s clothes from Thrift stores, I believe most bloggers have at least a few interesting tales about their clothing finds that don't get shared.

So here's the story about these Red Toms in my closet:

These are no ordinary Toms. They might look normal, and that's why I bought them.

But you should know that what you're looking at are Chinese knock-offs.

I bought them when I while on my Study Abroad in China. I bargained for them in Beijing's Silk Market. What a happy clam I was when I found them! They were so extremely comfortable and cheap. This was by the end of my study abroad and I was sick of basically all of my dirty clothes I was wearing, so when I could finally stuff my case with new stuff, I often just threw them on simultaneously.

So long story short, the next day after purchase I decided to hike the Great Wall of China in them:

These shoes aren't super dressy. Nowadays they are usually pulled out when I need to go take things out to the trash or I'm wearing gym clothes or pajamas and need to go for a quick grocery trip. But every time I see them I go back to the moment in the picture above.

The moment where I went through the unpaved ends of the Great Wall, listening to OneRepublic's "Good Life" and finishing up my Study Abroad.

Yeah, these fake, red Toms aren't any ordinary shoes, they hiked several miles across the Great Wall. They walked on to the airplane that took me home to America after a long 22-day journey. They hung on to my completely-numb legs after being asleep on a 12-hour flight.

I share these old shoes with you today because of the joy they give me. I hope we all have special pairs of shoes that have great stories with them. Oh the places we go, and you now know what it's like to walk a mile in these Red Toms:

I would love to walk a mile in your shoes. If you write a blog post about your shoe's story, please share a link below so I can follow. Thanks!

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