Signature Staples: White Chinese Flats and How to Bargain

Remember this Monday Mix?

Let me tell you why these white floral flats are special:

I got them in Beijing at the Silk Markets. 

The Silk Market in Beijing is a huge 5-level shopping mall where you bargain for what you want. That's right. As an American I had a little bit of a learning curve with this and probably got ripped off my first day on the prowl.

As business marketing Study Abroad students, my class had a large discussion on the bus after one day of attempted bargaining how to hone our skills and get a good deal.

Here are the tips we concluded on to get the most out of bargaining in China for clothes:

(1) Decide what your willingness-to-pay is for an item before you begin bargaining. Then don't give that price away!!! Start with at least half as much as your willingness to pay. So for example, if you're willing to pay $15.00 bucks for a pair of shoes you see, you tell the dealer your first offer is $7.50.

If the dealer goes silent and ignores you, then your price is too low for them to make a profit.

(2) You can always walk away if it's not what you want. Chinese salespersons are persistant and they will try to convince you to stay and to take the shoes. They will even put the item in your hand and demand money. Keep saying no and start walking away. They will usually start dropping prices immensely if they need a sale.

(3) Don't convey how interested in the item you are. The Chinese sales people are extremely sharp and they will take control of the negotiation. In a negotiation you may feel desperately losing the price range you want, be willing to let it go and walk away so you can take control of the bargaining again.

From the Chinese Silk markets I scored the above white flats, Red knock-off Toms, and these Mint knock-off Keds:

Unfortunately, after two long summers of much use, I have to say goodbye to these beauties:
Why? Because if you look closely in the picture of the left-foot shoe it is falling apart in the front and my pinky-toe would flop out. I have loved these shoes a lot (see them in action HERE and HERE).

So farewell my dear Chinese white flats. You have served me well. Rest in peace. 

(and here's their replacements in case you were curious)

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