How to DEEP CLEAN Your Wardrobe

Needing inspiration for Spring Cleaning? Hopefully you're more intrinsically motivated to deep clean your wardrobe than I was.

I had the fortune of discovering that there were bed-bugs in the apartment I just moved out of - yikes! Needless to say, that motivated me to clean everything. And it was time anyway with some things collecting some closet dust from college (I graduated almost a year ago).

If you like fashion at all it's virtually impossible to only own clothes that are laundry-machine friendly.

So here's the tips from my experience for deep cleaning and managing a high volume of items. Let's start with clothing you can't machine wash.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

How to Hand-Wash Your Clothes:
  1. Prep - Wool Wash, Lysol, Fabric Softener:  You know how some tags say "hand wash only?" Well, here's what my mother taught me - go buy some light wool wash, some lysol (optional for you germaphobes, bed bug paranoid, dirt-rollers, or sick-little monkeys), and fabric softener at the dollar store. Yes, the dollar store!
  2. Have a clean sink or bath tub ready: Depending on the volume of clothes you desire to clean, prep your sink or bath tub to wash clothes in.
  3. Organize your dirty clothes by color type: Darks, Whites, Colors, Reds, Blues. A no-brainer for those who machine wash, same philosophy.
  4. Fill Sink or Bathtub with Water, Wool Wash and Lysol: Generally speaking, choose cold water. For disinfecting - warm water. 
  5. Immerse clothes in water: Make sure every corner is wet - it's easy for a spot to slip.
  6. Give it a little elbow-grease: Swish the clothes around, rotate them, grip them with you hands, pull them in and out. Get that dirt out! 
  7. For Stains - spot treatment: Get a stain-removing pen or clothing-safe spray cleaner and rub out any stains with your fingers.
  8. Let soak for a few minutes: Or you know, however long makes you happy.
  9. Let out water, rinse with new, plain water
  10. Fill sink or bathtub with water and fabric softener: Use cold water this time.
  11. Repeat steps 5, 6, 8 and 9
  12. Squeeze Water Out: This will help your clothes dry faster - especially with sweaters!
  13. Shape and Smooth the clothes: This step is super important! I used to ignore this tip from my mother for quite a while due to pressed time, but it'll save you time later. Pull the edges horizontally and vertically to significantly reduce wrinkles. Make your clothes look like how you want them to look and they will shape that way when they're dry. 
  14. Hang up or lay flat on drying rack: Recommended places to lay these out include showers, bath tubs, or outside (if it's sunny of course). 
  15. Repeat for additional clothes!
Prevent your nice clothes from getting destroyed by the machine and save your dry-cleaning budget significantly with hand-washing. It's fantastic!

After laundry-machines, hand-washing, and taking everything to the dry cleaners. After scrubbing white shoes with old toothbrushes and cleaning spray. After lysol wiping every belt I owned, I can't tell you how good it feels to Spring Clean everything. It was a great opportunity to get familiar with everything I owned and remembered what good things existed in my wardrobe. 

Which will tie into the next step - critically analyzing your wardrobe and cleaning out!

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