My Flirting with Disaster is Mighty Love.

This outfit goes out to the old-school Jason Mraz song, "O. Lover," a sassy little number about the emotional torrents in the pursuit of love. This outfit was intended for a hot comeback, a fire-y revenge, and a whole lot of attitude. With words to describe the song and the outfit as "burning up inside," "a fire under you," "self-exposed," "advertising louder," and "flirting with disaster,"  these two make a great "hate to love relationship" between style and music. 

When I get burned or burned out, sometimes red lips and a tight, hot little number prepares me to return to my social scene with guns a-blazing. A great outfit helps me to emerge from the ashes a fire-y phoenix. 

But it won't be the last romance cause when the weekend starts the guilty party's on.
Weekend party's over,
Don't stop, let's get closer.
Friday, got cold shoulder,
Monday, got a new composure.

(Lyrics from "O. Lover" by Jason Mraz)

So, red seemed like the appropriate color at that moment - also, as it is the month of December and Christmas is approaching, I will red it up!

I would consider this a success as I felt confident and attractive as well as it produced the results I hoped to gain at said event.

With that in mind. No more damage to be done here. Signing off on this outfit. Over and out, mates! 

Outfit Details:
  • Red Floral Sweater, Anthropologie, circa 2009 (50%+ off
  • Black Pencil Skirt, J.Crew Factory Outlet (50% off)
  • Lace Blouse, Ann Taylor Loft (50% off Black Friday)
  • Pearl Necklace, Old 
  • Red Watch, Kohls (40% off Black Friday)
  • Red Shoes, Never Too Elated Heel in Garnet,
  • Red Lipstick, M.A.C. 

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