Lord of the Birds: One Turkey to Rule them All

This outfit came from a funny happenstance. When my eBay score (the skirt) came in the mail, I immediately tried it on, not thinking it would work with this top but just to see if it fit. After on and laughed at its goofy combination, I had an epiphany: Lord. Of. The. Birds. 

The idea to actually wear was kooky. It was crazy. It was...awesome.

Alas, this outfit made me feel amazing. I felt like my true self and very confident. Fashion is meant to have a little whimsy in it, and this outfit made me and other faces smile. Totally worth it for the load of friends who cracked up at "Lord of the Birds." 

Why that name? So it's difficult to see from the image above, but there's a giant pheasant appliqu├ęd / embroidered on the side (see below). If this outfit was Middle Earth, this turkey rightfully earned the position of Lord Sauron over the flock print in the blouse. 

Also, there's a huge amount of satisfaction that comes from the response "This whole outfit came second-hand." Or, I don't know if others find pure joy from creating truly unique outfits, but I love when people ask where pieces come from and I can just smile and think, "It's impossible to really replicate in any sense."

Any-who, thanks for reading lovely humans!

 Outfit Details:

  • Bird Top, Sling Purse: Buffalo Exchange
  • Woven Belt: Goodwill
  • Dangly Gold Earrings: Too old to remember
  • Gold Bracelet: Gift, originally Nordstrom
  • Birdy Skirt: eBay, originally Anthropologie
  • Gold Peep-Toe Heels: Last Chance 

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