Daring Greatly

Most outfits I wear don't spark controversy. But for some reason this one did: 

After reinventing my wardrobe and cleaning it up, I'm finding I am able to think up more creative combinations for outfits because I can see more. So, less is more is the moral of that story. But I saw some past outfits where people took summer "jumper" dresses, paired them with button-ups underneath, and gave them a fresh, almost Indie-look. So when I realized I could wear this dress another way, I instantly pulled it out and chose what I felt was the most interesting and suitable combination - my buffalo plaid top.

I stepped out of my room and my roommate immediately took a look and, very unlike her, said, "Hey, just wanted to let you know, that top and dress don't match."

My immediate thought was, "But print mix and matching is one of the coolest ways to pair clothes in the Fashion Industry world." Bloggers... Lucky Mag Editors circa 2009 and earlier...

I don't usually second guess my outfits. Ever. I may accept they are either awesome or just kind of functional rather than inspiring that day, but I feel comfortable in everything. But that moment made me second guess, send some snapchats for affirmation, etc...

Well, I decided to go out and take the risk. I laugh at saying "risk" because compared to the fashion blogger world I'm playing very safe. I was happy with the rewards. My mom didn't say anything. Some older women praised the pattern mixing immensely and I thought, "Ok, good enough."

Your personal style will not ever please everybody. But I think it's better to be true to yourself and take those clothing risks that make you invigorated by your closet. Wear what makes you happy, even if it's sometimes your best friends and people you have a great relationship that disagree. Clothes are meant to be fun, and those people will still love you anyway. That's what I learned from this outfit. And though I could've handled that critique a little better, I came back from it more motivated to walk with confidence to make it work. 

Also, I apologize for the stiffness in these shots,  I felt paranoid my complex neighbors watched me take pictures.

Dress, Buffalo Exchange, $12?
Blouse, Abercrombie and Fitch Online, on-sale, $25
Boots, Last Chance, $15
Watch, Last Chance, $3
Red Lipstick, MAC

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