Got that Sunshine in my Pocket

When it stays in the steady 110s for more than 3 weeks, a person can only do a few things to cope with the crazy Phoenix weather:
  1. Accept the inevitability of sweating 
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Briskly walk (or run, or dance) from the car's air conditioning into the next air conditioned intended location 
  4. Wear high-SPF shades
  5. Wear only one super light layer of clothes
  6. Wear open-toed shoes
Summer is a brutal time here. People turn to very default day-to-day uniforms to manage:
Booty shorts and tank tops, a t-shirt and "Bermuda" shorts, or something that might pass as "swimwear" - it's not hard to spot a standard Arizonan outfit.

Style takes a plummet in the summer in Arizona out of necessity and nobody judges each others' choices too harshly.

As a seasoned Phoenician, I hope not only to survive but also to embrace the ridiculous skin-burning temperatures. 

I have taken on the challenge to feel that I still have my taste this season and not just defaulting to another t-shirt and shorts combo. 

As someone who constantly turns to music to inspire my outfits, I sought out some upbeat inspiration from some summer jams. Tis' the season for lighter-subject lyrics, ridiculously catchy melody lines and some vibrant and upbeat beats! 

The peppiest song of the summer - "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" by the prince of pop himself Justin Timberlake - fit the bill for inspiration.


Here's a few ways I felt like fashion was still fun and style interesting when layering was out of the picture:

  1. Wear super light, breathable fabrics and layers. For me, Rayon blends are my best buds in the dry heat. 
  2. Play with colors. Since less makes a lot more when it comes to staying cool, I like to mix colors to keep an outfit interesting and eye-catching. 
  3. Ditch the jeans, get a cute and comfy skirt. Goodbye sticky legs! 
  4. Add a bold accessory. This is where statement necklaces or big, bold sunglasses can really come in handy.
  5. Invest in some interesting open-toed shoes. Keep the flip-flops for the poolside or taking out the trash and switch them out for sandals. I love peep toes personally because they elongate my short frame and can transition into fall and winter with some tights splendidly. 

Have any other tips for dressing chic in the super-heat? Would love to hear what you do to look good. 

Outfit Details:

The Blonde. A Music-Inspired fashion blogger, creative agency mad"wo"-man, pianist, violinist, guitarist, shower singer and a nerdist.

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