Music Challenge Overview

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen (maybe?), Fashionistas and Thrifters, Music Enthusiasts Everywhere,

The Ballad of the Blonde presents,
The Music Playlist Challenge!

What is it?
The music playlist challenge,  sometimes called the music inspired fashion challenge but often shortened to the music challenge bases itself in the idea that this whole blog revolves around:

Music inspiring personal style. Art inspiring art. 

It started in 2010 upon a simple conversation with my sister - I explained how what outfits I chose to wear in the morning usually became a result from the tunes I jammed out to while getting ready for the day.

She liked it - so much it sparked this idea between the two of us: what if we push ourselves to get inspired and dressed around songs we don't typically listen to? We had different enough music tastes - we could recommend songs to each other that the other may have not encountered or considered inspirational before.

How does it work?

We set these ground rules: 

  1. Provide each other an album-length playlist (8 - 12 songs)  
  2. Reveal playlists - if songs overlap, adjust 
  3. Each person can request the other to change at least one song after reviewing their assigned list
  4. After presenting, reviewing and adjusting each others' playlists, each person agrees to complete one outfit for each song 
  5. Document and publish every outfit, no matter how satisfactory its outcome
  6. Explain the outfit interpretion to the song 
  7. (Optional) Give an assigned timeline/deadline for completion
  8. Recap the playlist and the outfit collection